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ALBAN, founded on February 8, 1989 by Messrs. Celio de Oliveira Jr. (in memoriam) and Celso de Oliveira came to revolutionize the concept of thermal conditioning for meals.

The company is a pioneer in the National Market, which made it gain great credibility in the industry, thanks to the research and testing in the manufacture of disposable trays.

ALBAN thermal trays arrived to make easier the handling, to provide cleaning and reliability while serving the meal, generating satisfaction to those served by it.

The first great success of our products was the model: "Thermal Tray Adult" considered an innovation in the sector and large market edge, causing the company to be recognized by customers and become the market leader.

Over the years, ALBAN has improved and invested in innovation, building a solid relationship with its customers. With full transparency, it opened direct channels for comments and suggestions which are responsible for numerous improvements and adjustments in the products offered to the market; differentials that made Alban a reference company in its industry, with projects developed with the active participation of users. Products with different layout and design, rigorously tested and certified by the competent authorities.


To solve and provide thermal packaging systems for food, easy handling and maintenance. Ensure quality and safety in individual meals.

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