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CF-203 TRM - Cooled Thermal Transport Cart
CF-203 TRM - Cooled Thermal Transport Cart
CF-203 TRM - Cooled Thermal Transport Cart

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CF-203 TRM - Cooled Thermal Transport Cart

Cod. CF-203 TRM

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* Built in standard stainless steel AISI 304 alloy 18-8 brushed;

 * Display of cold temperature / environment;

 * With its 02 stainless steel doors with latches;

 * Equipped with identification by chemical etching (in order to not impede the cleaning), stating model, manufacture year, serial number, date and SAC telephone for technical assistance;

 * Reinforced structure, mounted on 04 wheels, being 02 fixed and 02 rotating without brake of 6”, with soft massive wheels;

 * Equipped with handle in stainless steel tube 1” diameter with walls of 1.20 mm for handling and drivability;

 * 20 pairs of internal angles to accommodate all ALBAN products so they are not loose, creating unnecessary noises.

 * Protection bumper in gray all around;

 * Includes two flat trays, size G, available in the following colors: Ivory, Blue, Beige or Green;


* 01 year warranty against defects in workmanship and technical assistance throughout the service life;

* Dimensions in cm: 131 h. X 117 w. X 79,5 l.;

* Maximum Capacity: 32 meals in the hot part and cold part in 158 liters;


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